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Thank you, dear friend, for helping me to get down to what I needed to live my best life. And thanks for not letting me sell the Folk Art chairs.

Kristin T. 

Knoxville, TN

Meet the Owner

Leslie Kurtz

For the past 5 years, Leslie has been helping friends and family members make the transition from larger homes to smaller homes, condos to assisted living, family homes to sprinter vans, as well as managed several estates and hoarding situations. She recently decided she loved this work so much, and there was such a huge need for these services, that she turned it into a full-time enterprise.  

I love my siblings and my mom, but this process was way too personal and time-consuming for us to handle. It was wonderful knowing you were there with her, listening to her stories. You also got her to happily donate way more stuff than I thought possible. She actually fits in her new home!

Anne L.  

Knoxville, TN

It was so much easier to get Mom moved because you understood how much memory and emotion was tied up with her things.

Billy K.  

Norris, TN

Photo of owner

Leslie spent her previous professional career as a successful producer for television and film. In casting about for a new adventure, she realized she had already developed the right skills to excel as a Senior Move Manager    - organization, budgeting, directing resources, and an ability to manage the unexpected. Her lively, friendly personality makes her a hit with her clients.


Working together, Moving Mama can make your next move easy. 


Leslie is a member of: 

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)

Moving Mama is fully insured. 


Leslie's Values

Compassion. Value. Flexibility. 

Leslie enthusiastically supports the NASMM”S Code of Ethics and schools all of her staff in these tenants as well.


My guiding principle: Always make the pie bigger! Here are just a few ways I do that with my clients:

o   Look for ways to contribute to our community by donating to groups that value your possessions

o   Value your history by listening to your stories and finding small ways to store big memories

o   Get you the most value for your excess items 

o   Create legacies by passing treasured things on to family and friends  

The Team

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