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This is a comprehensive menu of our services. You may also select a la carte just those tasks that you wish. We customize our offerings to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. 

Make a Plan
Make a Plan

We will work with you to develop a smooth transition plan and keep things on track. Our goal is for your next adventure to be a “move home” to a place as personal and wonderful as your current abode.  At the top of our list is to curate the right resources for your unique move and ensure you get the best value. We love working with trusted family and friends. If you want your children, neighbors, or friends to lend a hand and they are able to, we are delighted to incorporate them into the plan.


o   Set up key dates for sorting, packing, moving out and moving in. 

o   Make a floor plan to help you visualize your new home.

o   Design your new space so that it is comfortable and safe.

o   Help you select favorite furnishings so the new place is familiar and reflects your personal tastes.

o   Repair or refresh favorite items.

o   Coordinate moving requirements with your new location so there are no surprises on moving day.

o   Identify potential recipients for various items: family members, friends, social organizations, charities.

o   Identify items of value that won’t be traveling with you and need to be sold.

o   Review and advise on any special organizational requests for your situation.

Pick and Pack
Pick and Pack

We know that everyone has precious treasures from a lifetime of adventure. We will help you rightsize your new space and still keep your valued memories.  It is important to know that YOU are the decider. You control all decisions about what stays or goes.  We are here to facilitate and make that happen, but it is always your decision.


o   Sort everything to decide what is staying with you and what needs to be rehomed.

o   Declutter by distributing items through various sales avenues or by donation.

o   Arrange for sale of big-ticket items.

o   Rehome special items for family and friends by shipping, storing, delivering, or packing for pick-up. 

o   Curate a selection of your favorite things to keep, and then identify how it all fits into your new space. 

o   Handle disbursement of perishable goods. 

o   Discuss ways to preserve memories. This could include a photographic record of any type of collection or a                   memory book cataloging specific items with a story to treasure. These memory crafts can be a lovely project to             work on in your new home with old friends, but we want to be sure we think ahead and get the photographs or             imprints before rehoming the items.

Note: We do not handle jewelry or guns and ammunition.



o   Moving Mama can provide all the supplies needed and professionally pack your things.

o   Pack all your items to be moved to your new home. 

o   Another option, especially for interstate moves, is to hire movers to do the packing. In that case, we will be there         on moving day to oversee and direct the process.

o   Label each box with destination and content, provide a master list.

o   Box items that will be distributed to storage, shipped, or picked up by family or charities. 

o   For tax purposes, collect and collate all receipts for donations.

o   Organize a temporary storage unit if needed.


Very close to moving day:

o   Make sure all medicines and personal supplies are gathered and easily accessible.

o   Make any arrangements for pets.

o   Pack a small bag with important papers, valuables, and secure those during the move.

o   Pack a personal bag with any items you will need immediately.

Move Out
Move Out

o   Select the moving company that is right for your move.

o   Supervise movers on both ends.

o   Make arrangements with your new community for your upcoming move: reserve elevators, easy access parking,             make sure home is clean and all utilities are on.

o   Assist with changing address and utilities.

o   Clean out the home of any remaining materials by recycling, delivering, or trash disposal.

o   Make pet arrangements to keep them safe on moving day.

o  Arrange for maid services/mowing services as needed.

Settle In
Settle In

o   Direct movers where to place furniture and each box.

o   Arrange furniture, hang and place decorative items, hook-up electronics.

o   Organize kitchens, office area, bathrooms, closets.

o   Load refrigerator with basics, make beds, set out toiletries.

o   Set up for pet needs. 

o   Prepare outdoor areas (patios, porches, decks) for use.


Moving outside of the East Tennessee region: 

         Don’t worry if you are moving across the state or across the country. We have relationships with Senior Move Managers     throughout the U.S. We can collaborate with our colleagues in other areas, share your transition and floor plan, and make sure you get the same great service for this final stage of your move.


Real Estate Services
Real Estate Services

Prepare Your Current Home: 

Whether you need to temporarily shut your home down, prepare it for renting out, or for sale, we can help.


Closing Up Home:

o   Make sure all water is drained down and the home is weather-proofed.

o   Determine best settings for HVAC.

o   Clean home and remove any organic materials from inside.

o   Arrange for regular lawn maintenance. 

o   Arrange for security. 

o   Be available to check on home as needed. 


Preparing Home for Sale:

o   Interview and recommend best real estate agent for your area and style of home.

o   Work with agent to create a list of repairs and updates your home may need to get you the best price.

o   Create timeline, priority list, and budget for you to approve and adjust.  

o   Organize licensed contractors to perform these tasks.

o   Follow up with agent to make sure all is on track for selling your home.

o   Cleaning and freshening home after you move out to make it “showing” ready.

o   Organizing lawn work and lawn maintenance as needed. 

Preparing Home for Rental: 

         We can prepare the home as needed and help you list it with a reputable rental management company that will vet your tenants and handle contracts. Every situation is different, but we have experience managing rental properties and are happy to steer you in the right direction. 

Everything Else
Everything Else

Here is a partial list of things we have been asked to do:

o   Assist families to find legal help for wills, living wills, POA’s. We will even provide transportation and zoom                       communication during these sessions if that works best for your family.

o   Gather, store, and duplicate important paperwork: deeds, passports, wills, birth certificates. (We recommend a             bank box.)

o   Take and share photographs of treasures. 

o   Have family photographs copied to disk/cloud. 

o   Sell fine art through a gallery.

o   Winterize the pool or irrigation system.

o   Pressure wash anything. 

o   Visit potential assisted living facilities with client whose family is out of town.

o   Assist families with pets.

o   Arrange for cleaning and sale of unnecessary vehicles.

o   Safely remove hazardous materials from home. 

o   Set up recurring in-home visits for clients: dog grooming, manicurist, hair stylist, cleaners.

o   Fill the refrigerator and cabinets from shopping list prior to move-in.

o   Assist in locating a place of worship and make the introductions.

Note: We do not assist in medical care or caregiving. 

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