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How much does it cost?

Every situation is unique. Our services are available a la carte- you are in control of what you need from us. So it is impossible to quote you a price over the phone. That is why we offer a zero cost, no obligation in-home consultation.  Once we have talked to you about your needs, we will provide you with an estimate and complete breakdown of the associated costs. 

Why can’t I just get my family to do this for me?

 We are delighted to incorporate family and friends into your moving plan as much as they are able. However, adult children can be far away, have full-time jobs and children to care for. They would much rather spend quality time with you than be packing boxes. Also, If family members need to travel, you may find you have to sort, select, pack, and move in a very short time window. Working with Moving Mama, we can break the process into many smaller sessions, so you are not overwhelmed with too many decisions at once. We can also set up zoom calls while sorting if you want someone else involved.  

Who decides what stays and what goes? 

You do. That’s absolute. Even if your family is involved, the final decision is always yours. We are happy to mediate if it comes to that, but you are our number one priority.

What if I just need help with a few things?

Our services are a la carte. You can decide what you need and we will provide you with an estimate. For example, you may just want help sorting and dispensing items. We can do that!

Are you insured?

Yes, we are. We carry a business liability policy through NASMM.

Are you a moving company?

No, we are not. We will help you hire a moving company from our list of vetted resources, or you can select any other company you wish. We will be there on moving day to supervise your move. 

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